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Strong Protest Needed Against Harsh DTC Provision Abolishing Declarations For Non Deduction Of TDS! Manubhai Shah, a senior citizen, is earning interest on his bank deposits of Rs.2,40,000. However, since he is not liable to pay any income-tax on his total income after eligible deductions, he currently enjoys the relief of exemption from TDS by submitting the prescribed Form 15H to the respective banks making...

Prepare for the TDS Nightmare!

No Respite From The TDS Bite Even For Non-Taxpayers! TDS Blows That Will Hit You Hard! No provision for furnishing any declaration (as in current Form 15G/15H) for non deduction of TDS from interest in cases of non-taxable income will hit hard senior citizens, widows, agriculturists and several other small interest earners. No provision for obtaining any certificate for TDS at a lower rate will create hardships for...

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