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With a net annual investment of just Rs.69,100 for 18 years, build tax free capital of Rs.43.59 lakhs for your child! Every parent would naturally be concerned about building capital for his or her children, which would go to ensure meeting their financial requirements for higher education, marriage, settlement in life, etc. One of the major stumbling blocks in doing so are the clubbing provisions under Section...


After its initial tenure of 15 years, a PPF account can be renewed indefinitely in blocks of 5 years! Today ‘Tax Clues’ deals with some interesting readers’ queries on Public Provident Fund (PPF). Query: I understand that a PPF account is initially opened for a period of 15 years and it can be renewed in blocks of 5 years each. How many times can one renew such blocks of 5 years? Some people say only twice, some...

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