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Holds continuing education and training programmes of Ahmedabad Management Association entitled to exemption! Should the term ‘education,’ in the context of the definition of ‘charitable purpose’ under Section 2(15) of the Income-tax Act, be given such a narrow and restricted meaning, so as to include only formal school or college education? Can a public charitable trust pursuing the objects of continuing...

Tax Axe To Chop Charities Too!

Religion & Politics Sheltered As Taxman’s Holy Cow! Complex Provisions To Perplex Charities New Jargon – Fresh Norms  Charitable trust to bear the new identity of ‘Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).’   Charitable purpose replaced by the new phrase ‘permitted welfare activity (PWA).’  Fresh procedure for NPO registration to be undertaken by all charities.  Different & elaborate norms for computing gross receipts...

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